Independence from clothing and feeling the warm sunlight on our “buns”. Also, no tan lines!

You’d be amazed at the number of other boaters we pass on the water during
the warm summer months who are additionally naked.
A: Just about anyplace. Puget Sound has lots of semi-remote coves and beaches.
Especially on the Hood Canal side. Or we could only cruise together in the buff
to a non nude destination. Let’s discuss our ideas?
Remote Area on the Hood Canal
Q: What if somebody sees us?
A: Obviously, good taste and discretion are extremely important. We always cover up
when other boats are close by us or when entering a harbor or marina. In the
five years we’ve been sailing nude, we’ve never been halted or even warned
by anyone.
A: Right now, we are fairly free – and mainly just desire to assess the level of
interest in “bare boating” among other people in the local boating community.
There are no fees, scheduled meetings or agendas, though.
if our group grows in size.
Q: Is there a national organization?
A: Yes, It Is Called the “Nautical Naturists” and there are sixteen different
They discuss ideas, information,
naturist travel and other fkk groups. They are even designing a “burgee” for
members to display if they want to identify themselves as members of this ‘elite
Q: Do I need to own a boat?
Banishing Unsightly Tan Lines
Q: So –
A: Actually, we’re likely a lot like you. We’re a discreet, professional
We’ve consistently been pretty
uninhibited when it comes to nudity and love visiting the nude beaches on the
West Coast and in Hawaii. We have responsible jobs and families and would never
do anything to compromise someone else’s privacy or embarass them.
Q: Suppose That I don’t know how to snorkel?
Our staff as well as the guides and charters are all top notch professionals in
teaching you what you’ll need to know about snorkeling and the best way to stay safe in
the water. Our private charters which include the Snorkeling fishing combo and the
Dolphin viewing snorkeling excursion have all been set up to choose the awesome snorkeler
to waters the he or she’ll find to be safer feeling.
Pool”. An excellent way to start off the small ones.
Q: Will I have the ability to swim with the wild dolphins?
Now it really is illegal to swim with Wild Coastal Bottle nosed dolphins here in
Key West. The concern is that the mammals may become more and more friendly with
people and leave them at risk for potential harm from approaching boats. It is
the policy here at Dream Catcher Charters to assume a role not only to help our
the day-to-day routine of the dolphins not be disturbed either.
Q: suppose that I cannot swim?
Swimming is not a demand for our trips. We have specific gear on our
in Key West. Exceptional focus is what these trips are all about. Floatation
jackets and noodles are supplied on our trips for your relaxation and security.
Hat, towel, sunscreen and polarized glasses. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a
camera for the tricks the dolphins like to do for our customers. We supply
sodas and bottled water for your refreshment. Per person dolphin watching trips
Contain a fruit bite as well. Underwater cameras can be purchased at the marina
of your departure. Specific dietary needs are your duty. please.
Is there an age requirement?
Children of all ages can attend; whether you are 1 or 101 it will not matter.
Everyone is welcomed to come on our trips to enjoy the Key West waters and what
lies below.
Q: Can I bring my pet?
Individual captains have different rules regarding pets on boats. We want
everyone to be comfortable. Per individual trips WOn’t offer pet friendly
service. Nevertheless, private charters can be found that do. Please call us for
special positioning. ?
So far in the history of tourism in the Florida Keys there’s yet to be a case
of attack by shark or any other toothy critter. There is nothing to worry about.
Trust us; if there were, well, we wouldn’t run the trip because no one but
Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) would desire to go out there.
Another problem with
family pictures can be nudity. As parents we
get used to seeing our young children without clothes. Few people see any real
problem with photographing our own children at bath time or sprawling nude on a
Carpet, but the authorities may. There have been several cases where processing